As Executive Vice President and Treasurer, Kelly manages a variety of financial responsibilities, including securing financing and maintaining relationships with lending institutions and investor relations including commodity and foreign exchange hedging. Additionally, he oversees the risk department and the placement of all global insurance policies. He also provides Executive Oversight for Quad Paper Services which oversees the sourcing of Quad-supplied paper along with coordinating client-supplied paper. As President of Logistics, he leads QuadTransportation Services, our in-house freight management division; and Duplainville Transport, our tractor-trailer fleet. Additionally, he leads the Program Management Office (PMO) for integrating our acquisitions of Ivie & Associates and Periscope, and he holds a Board of Directors position with Rise Interactive, our majority owned digital marketing agency.

After joining Quad in 1996, he was Controller of the Parcel Direct freight expediting subsidiary, which was subsequently sold to FedEx in 2004. He was promoted to Treasurer in 2007, to Vice President in 2008 and became an Executive Vice President in 2018.

Kelly holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin’s Strategic Leadership Institute and G100 Emerging Leaders Program.