Jean-Michel is responsible for leading Quad’s European business and growth strategy. He also operates as President/General Manager of Marin’s International, a Quad marketing services subsidiary that creates, produces and distributes in-store signage and solutions. Before joining the print industry, Jean-Michel served in several senior management positions in the hospitality industry, managing hotels in the United Kingdom, Switzerland or in the French West Indies among few destinations. He began his career with Marin’s International in 2005, working to establish  Quad Europe’s print operations (then known as QuadWinkowski) as Marin’s strategic manufacturing partner for Europe. In 2008, he was promoted to International Business Development Manager at Marin’s, focusing his attention on establishing and retaining client relationships with new brands in the United States, South Africa, India and other global markets. In February of 2015, Quad acquired Marin’s International, and Jean-Michel became President/General Manager of Marin’s International. In 2016, he was appointed Vice President of Sales for In-Store Solutions at Quad Europe and also joined Quad Europe’s Management Board, which helps set strategy while ensuring clients remain satisfied and the business continues to thrive.