The challenge

The retailer faced a significant challenge when they decided to close their in-house studio and relocate it to a more cost-effective location that better aligned with their distribution channels. With no in-house expertise to set up and manage the new studio, they turned to Quad for help.

The solution

To meet the client’s needs, Quad leveraged its extensive experience setting up and managing production studios worldwide. We established production workflows tailored to the client’s unique creative requirements and provided a foundation of sample and studio production technology. In addition, we staffed the studio with a full- time photographer, stylists, an art director, a sample manager, and production assistants to optimize the creative workflow. This local team was supported by Quad’s network of producers and creative talent, equipping us to deliver exceptional results.

The impact

Quad’s content generation teams established a new level of creative expectation that had a transformative impact on the studio experience. Our ability to learn and adapt to build a custom, standardized workflow resulted in an elevated production style with a minimal setup time perfectly aligned with the retailer’s branded creative direction. Utilizing Quad’s processes, the retailer significantly improved their speed to market, enabling them to bring new products and campaigns to market faster and more efficiently than ever before.