The challenge

This leading financial services provider used varied financial content to organically engage with their audience. They wanted to establish a more robust, engaging user experience with this content and improve the available resources to help users make more informed financial and investment decisions. Additionally, they wanted their website to drive more traffic, generate new leads for customer acquisition and expand the number of services used by their current customer base.

The solution

Rise, a Quad company, amplified awareness for the brand and drove necessary growth in traffic and leads by implementing a three-part strategy:

  • Improve site-wide SEO for higher search rankings.

  • Create and refresh website content for a better user experience.

  • Layer on cross-channel paid media to reach new customers.


After performing a site-wide SEO audit, we found opportunities for keyword optimizations and created a data-driven roadmap to incorporate high-value keywords into new site content.​

Site content

We created an updated portfolio of branded content, including customized financial calculators, that informed consumers about financial service offerings and provided answers to highly searched investment questions.​

Paid media

We supported our onsite SEO and content initiatives by launching a full-funnel paid media campaign across programmatic and native placements. The ad messaging was personalized to different consumer types using data that signaled where the user was within the conversion funnel.

The impact

By executing this data-driven, integrated approach to SEO-optimized content enhanced by paid tactics, the brand was able to achieve the following metrics.

increase in traffic to optimized categories
more ranking keywords
savings in CPA