International consumer packaged foods company

This $8 billion consumer packaged foods company manufactures and sells dozens of products in grocery stores, restaurants and food service establishments. Its portfolio of brands includes household names found in most kitchens. The company stays innovative and consistently profitable through retail and dining partnerships.


In recent years, the company’s growth had slowed, due in part to online grocery options. In a space where price matters most, the grocer had several challenges and profits dipped. It was hard for them to control branding and had no clear way to stand out and differentiate themselves. The fact that third party vendors took a portion of sales was also a challenge. Because they had no access to their own data, it was impossible to encourage loyalty and repeat business.


The client needed an ecommerce site where they could control branding and costs. They already had a military care-package program for their customers to select grocery items that would then be picked, packaged and sent. Quad strategists took that program from a third-party platform and built a portal so the client could have control of data and sales.


  • Personalized packaging on a 1:1 level
  • QR codes give recipients ability to share on social media
  • Unique innovation created buzz, repeat purchases and new customers