The challenge

A maker of everyday, lifestyle, and athletic apparel, created e-commerce image assets using multiple studio partners. This process required them to engage and manage inconsistent workflows, teams, and vendor relationships. In addition, the partners were unable to produce the throughput rates needed to keep pace with the demand for platform-ready imagery. As a result, the global apparel company sought a partner capable of providing scaled-service e-commerce photography for a range of its most iconic brands.

The solution

The company turned to Quad to provide in-studio, on- figure product and lifestyle photography used on its owned and retail partner e-commerce platforms. By streamlining planning, creative guidelines, studio production, and post-production services, Quad became the company’s primary partner to create, refine, and deliver best-in-class customer-facing brand assets.

The impact

Quad’s integrated solutions and standardized workflows for project management, studio resources and post-production services significantly increased the apparel company’s annual product asset delivery to 32,000+ images during the engagement’s first year. This breadth of assets helped propel their direct-to- consumer platforms forward with timely and relevant product content.

SKUs captured in the first year
images delivered